Our research focuses on the development and application of mass spectrometry-based lipidomics techniques that allow global analysis of cellular lipidomes with the ultimate goal of further understanding cell physiology.

Mass spectrometry-based lipidomics is a powerful new tool for characterizing the molecular lipid composition of cells and tissues. In comparison with traditional methods such as thin-layer chromatography and liquid chromatography, lipidomics offer unsurpassed sensitivity and structural resolution at the level of individual lipid species. Lipidomic techniques can be executed to provide lipidome-wide quantitative assessment of global perturbations promoted by physiological and pathological stimuli.

Our work includes designing new comprehensive lipidomics strategies for delineating the regulatory circuit of lipid metabolism in simpler systems (e.g. S. cerevisiae). These techniques and tools are extended to workflows for multiple-cellular organisms paving the way for a systems wide approach to understand the regulation of metabolism in health and disease.

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